Adult Education & Literacy


What is AEL?

AEL stands for "Adult Education and Literacy"
AEL sites offer varied programs
•Many adults take classes to prepare for the GED (Tests of General Educational Development)
Some students enroll to improve or review important basic skills, whether or not they have a high school diploma
Students are able to work on any of these skills:  Life Skills, Reading and Language Skills, Writing Skills, and Math Skills

AEL Programs

The programs available are as follows: Adult Literacy, Even Start Family Literacy, GED, English as a Second Language, and Career Readiness.

In Adult Literacy you can improve basic reading and math skills, learn to read, improve life skills, develop job skills, and obtain math and reading assistance for ESL {English as a Second Language.}  You can attend daytime GED, ESL and adult literacy classes and be a part of the Even Start Family Literacy program which provides Early Ed (Child care: birth—3 yrs.), Adult Education, PACT (Parent & Child Together), and Parent Education.

Our AEL site also has a program for adults whose first language is not English. Through these ESL classes, students can learn English vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar in reading, writing and conversation. Other classes include: American Customs and Citizenship.

We can help you prepare to take the GED exam by determining your present skill level and providing individualized tutoring in all areas covered by the exam.

Career Readiness class meets monthly and assists in writing resumes, filling out job applications and improving interview skills.

                                                                              CLASSES ARE ONGOING AND FREE!!!