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Welcome to the Secure Webstore for the Blue Springs School District

Click Here to Login to the Revtrak System

We only ask that you create a secure account with us by entering your
email address and a password at the bottom of the "Checkout" screen to later help you:

- A. Pre-populate the Cardholder information, minus the debit/credit card number, on the checkout
screen the next time you make a payment on the WebStore. This will eliminate your effort to rekey
your cardholder information each time you pay.

- B. Your email and password also lets you view your payment history online, check status and
edit your profile. Just click on "My Payment History" under services on the left hand column.

- C. If you forget your password, simply click on "Password Reminder" on the left hand column,
again under services. Enter your email address you used to create the account and the
WebStore will automatically email you back your matching password.



There will be a $1.50 convenience fee assessed to all purchases at the point of checkout.